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Mom Moments: Bridge Your Way Back to the Workplace

by Healthy Horizons on May 07, 2020

As Mother’s Day approaches, many new moms and moms-to-be already have been working from home for several weeks during the pandemic shutdown.

Walls between life and work have disappeared. Mothers have felt extra stress in creating new routines caring for baby or preparing for childbirth. That juggling act is apparent in this peek at the experience of Anjali Sud, mom to an 18-month-old son, who is sheltering at her parents’ home while working as CEO of Vimeo, a video streaming company that is busier than ever.

With employers now organizing their reopening plans, breastfeeding employees can be caught in a whiplash of ever-changing schedules.

This is what Healthy Horizons CEO Sheila Janakos is hearing from nursing mothers during her personal consultations, online support groups, and Virtual Mother’s Rooms webinars.



Mom Moments

Sheila, who is an internationally board-certified lactation consultant and health educator with 30 years of experience, urges moms who breastfeed to practice self-care.

“Create a sacred, daily ritual – Mom Moments – to make every day Mother’s Day,” said Sheila. “Dedicate 15 minutes to recharge yourself in ways that bring personal joy, but also help you with breastfeeding goals. These are healthy habits you can practice now at home and later at work.”

Here are ideas to design your own 15-minute Mom Moments:

  • Stress Busters. Did you know that adrenaline caused by stress inhibits the production of oxytocin, which promotes your release of breast milk? Banishing stress is vital to preventing lactation problems. Enjoy a mini-session of meditation, yoga stretches, a cat nap, or prayer of gratitude.

  • Escape (Nearby). Vimeo’s CEO takes a 6PM walk in her neighborhood for an evening getaway. Step outside with your protective gear and cruise the block or backyard. Invest in a wearable breastpump, such as Elvie Pump, to move around more freely.

  • Snack Hacks. Prepare small nibbles or sips with galactagogues, which are food, herbs, and medicines that promote milk production. Milk boosters can be found in lactation cookies, bars, and teas, as well as in supplements including Fenugreek, Shatavari, and Moringa. Scroll down for the yummy Healthy Horizons Moon Milk recipe to ease stress and boost milk supply!

Recognizing this sacred time will become a priority for breastfeeding moms who want a worry-free way back to the workplace.

To learn more about planning your work transition strategy, join us for our Virtual Mother’s Room webinar on May 17.



Healthy Horizons Moon Milk


3/4 cup combination of unsweetened vanilla macadamia nut milk and coconut milk

1 tablespoon cranberry juice or tart cherry juice

2 teaspoons coconut butter

1/4 teaspoon Ashwagandha


In a small saucepan, heat all ingredients over medium heat until near-simmer. Transfer to your mug and whip until frothy. Savor the flavor — and a rewarding moment for yourself.


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