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Empowering breastfeeding 

parents at work and home.

Specializing in corporate lactation programs,

new parent support and breast pumps.

Serving 100,000 families and counting.

For over 30 years, we have supported international and global clients with workplace lactation programs, Mother's Room maintenance, breast pump rentals, parent education, support groups, and more.





Breast Pump


Work from Home


From remote to reopening.

Our comprehensive support programs reduce stress and ease the transition back to work after maternity leave or COVID-19.

From remote to reopening

Our comprehensive support programs reduce stress and ease the transition back to work post maternity leave or COVID-19.

Sheila Dukas-Janakos


Chief Executive Officer

Women-owned, mom-approved.

Our expert lactation consultants, technicians, nurses, engineers, and baby whisperers create breastfeeding experiences that are positive and productive. We help you shape a motivated work culture and healthy lifestyle for employees.

Cassi Janakos, MS

Chief Operating Officer

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