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Your source for hospital-grade and personal-use breast pumps.

Everything you need for healthy breastfeeding. 

We guide you in selecting the breast pump that best matches your needs and situation.

We carry hospital grade breast pumps available for rent or purchase, including Ameda and Medela brands. All online and in-store breast pump rentals have a one-month rental minimum for parents. Personal attachment kits sold separately.

Our selection of personal-use breast pumps are available for purchase. We carry Elvie Pump, Spectra, Medela, Ameda, Haakaa, Hygeia, and Freemie brands.

Baby scales track even the smallest weight changes and record before and after feeding and amount fed. Doran, Tanita, and Medela brands are available for rent. Batteries are not included.

As a licensed DME (Durable Medical Equipment Provider), we carry all accessories and spare parts in complete kits and individually. 

Get reimbursed for a breast pump or breastfeeding consultation.

We can provide you with a superbill, which may be submitted to payers (insurances, funds, programs) for reimbursement. Learn more about insurance options.


I'm renting or purchasing a pump for a mother's room at work. How do I get a breast pump?

Email or call the Healthy Horizons Corporate office at 650-579-2726. Most companies purchase or rent the Medela Symphony or Ameda Platinum. Both options are available to purchase or rent. All pumps are subject to local sales tax.

I'm a parent. How do I rent a breast pump?

Rent a pump online at All locations rent pumps online. Pumps can be shipped or picked-up in person. Many health insurance companies work with families to reimburse pump rentals. There is a one-minimum rental on all breast pumps, and a one-month minimum if rented from Lucile Packard Children's Hospital at Stanford (Stanford LPCH). The daily rate applies only after the pump has been rented at the weekly rate. All pumps are subject to local sales tax.

Should I use a hospital-grade breast pump?

Hospital-grade pumps are more powerful than personal use pumps. They help many moms produce more breast milk, pump in less time, and have a more comfortable pumping experience.

Can multiple moms use a breast pump?

Yes, if the pump is a hospital-grade breast pump designed for multiple users. The hospital-grade breast pumps we rent and sell are used in hospitals around the world. They need to be properly sanitized in between uses.

How can I use my insurance to cover my breast pump?

Healthy Horizons can provide you with a superbill with insurance codes. You can use this to apply for reimbursement from your insurance company. Email your name and order number to to request a superbill.

Why should I rent a baby scale?

Renting a baby scale allows you to track your baby’s growth and their breast milk intake.

Which baby scale should I rent? 

If you have a full-term baby, all of our scales will meet your needs. If you have a premature baby, we recommend getting a more sensitive scale, such as the Doran DS4500 Scale, Doran DS4100 Scale, or Medela Baby Weigh II Scale.

How do I extend my rental?

Your rental will be automatically extended if it is not returned on the due date, and your credit card on file will be billed. You can rent your pump or scale as long as you need it. You can also email if you have a specific rental extension date.

How do I return my rental?

You can drop your rental off at our Burlingame or Menlo Park locations during business hours. We have an after-hours rental drop-off location available by request. If your order was shipped, use the same packaging the rental arrived in, and email to request a return mailing label.

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Reimbursement Information: Healthy Horizons is in-network with Facebook's Aetna/Meritain. If you have other insurance, Healthy Horizons can provide you with a superbill. This is a detailed document that allows you to easily request reimbursement directly from your insurance company. It includes information similar to an insurance claim form. Alternatively, we can provide a receipt for your Health Savings Account (HSA) or your Flexible (FSA) Spending Account. HSA/FSA cards are accepted for all products, services, and rentals.