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Healthy Horizons offers educational events and online classes designed to empower breastfeeding parents at work and at home.  Register for upcoming events and check out recordings on demand.   

Healthy Horizons Breastfeeding Q&A Event

Nursing and Nature

Thursday, August 19, 10:00am - 10:45am PST

Event Description:  In this webinar, you will learn about herbs that support breastfeeding healthy and how to use them.  Herbalist Pam Caldwell and IBCLC Sheila Janakos will share practical and natural techniques to overcome breastfeeding challenges and support wellbeing for parent and baby. 

Healthy Horizons Breastfeeding Q&A Event

Ask Sheila, IBCLC: Get Expert Answers to Your Breastfeeding Questions

Thursday, August 26, 10:00am - 10:45am PST

Event Description:  Every chest/breastfeeding journey is unique. And Sheila knows about thousands of them. She’s earned her title of Milk Fairy Godmother from 30 years of helping moms and parents work through their toughest breastfeeding challenges and celebrating with them when they achieve their breastfeeding goals. In this live Q&A, get Sheila’s expert answers for your toughest breastfeeding questions, and learn while she answers questions from other nursing parents from all walks of life. Nothing is taboo. Sheila Janakos is CEO of Healthy Horizons Breastfeeding Centers and an IBCLC with 30 years of expertise and experience. Since 1991 Healthy Horizons has supported 100,000+ breastfeeding families.

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Back to Business: How Employers Can Empower Women in the Workplace

A disproportionate number of women have dropped out of the workforce during the pandemic. What can employers do to support women who are balancing responsibilities of work and caregiving? 

In this panel discussion, learn from three distinguished leaders in their fields. Sheila Janakos is CEO of Healthy Horizons, a provider of Corporate Lactation programs for some of North America's top employers including Carta. Mita Mallick is Head of Inclusion, Equity and Impact at Carta. Aura Nelson is Senior Manager of Consumer Insights and Lead COVID Researcher at Wolverine Worldwide.

Lactation Law: What Employers Need to Know During COVID19

Battling Bias: Breastfeeding in the Black Community

Guided Meditation

for Mothers

Nursing & Nature: Tinctures, Teas, and Treats

Medela Symphony Breast Pump Tutorial

Mommy & Baby Yoga for World Breastfeeding Week