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Healthy Horizons offers educational events and online classes designed to empower breastfeeding parents at work and at home.  Register for upcoming events and check out recordings on demand.   

COVID & Breastfeeding 

Q&A Webinar Replay

It’s hard for new parents to know where to turn for health questions during the pandemic. Healthy Horizons would like to make it a bit easier by answering your questions about chest/breastfeeding and COVID-19 by a board certified, Stanford trained Ob/Gyn physician and an the CEO of Healthy Horizons Breastfeeding Centers, an MPH, IBCLC with 30+ years of lactation experience. Together Dr. Crystal (Twitter: @CatchTheBaby) and Sheila Janakos, MPH, IBCLC will answer your questions about breastfeeding during COVID-19. 

Dr. Crystal created takeaway resources found here:

Breastfeeding and COVID One Pager 
- Breastfeeding and COVID Resources

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Build a Connection Culture in Your Workplace

Feeling disconnected from others at work or as a new parent? Learn how to address the "Great Resignation" and what employers can do to increase the retention of working parents. Michael Stallard, author of Connection Culture, and Katie Stallard, Partner of Connection Culture Group, teacher, and a three-time cancer survivor, will have a dynamic discussion with the CEO of Healthy Horizons, Sheila Janakos, MPH, IBCLC on how to build a connection culture in your workplace.

Ask Sheila, MPH, IBCLC: Get Expert Answers to Your Breastfeeding Questions

Ask Sheila, MPH, IBCLC: Get Expert Answers to Your Breastfeeding Questions

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