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LADWP worked with Healthy Horizons Breastfeeding Centers to assess the space for compliance with California’s lactation laws, identify furnishings and ensure appropriate appliances were added to promote the safe and sanitary expression and storage of breast milk. 

In partnership with Healthy Horizons, the Department’s Family Care Program also launched expanded lactation services for employees in fall 2022, providing additional support and guidance to new parents returning to the workplace. New services included Lactation Room Servicing™, one-on-one lactation education services, support group sessions focusing on lactation and parenting, and group classes on family care topics. These courses are offered in-person and virtually through a Healthy Horizons lactation specialist. Longstanding services provided to employees through Family Care include a variety of lactation pumps, pregnancy and new baby kits and referrals for childcare resources.

New mothers who have utilized the lounge say it has helped ease their transition back to work. “As a first-time mom who breastfeeds her baby, I had a lot of anxiety about returning to work and maintaining a pumping schedule,” said Senior Systems Specialist Laurie Tran. “To pump at work, I need to ensure I pack pumping flanges, breast milk storage bags, dish detergent, a freezer ice pack and a permanent pen to label the bags. If I forget one of these items, it throws off my entire pumping routine. Since the new lactation room now includes many of these amenities, it has relieved my stress and made the transition back to work so much easier.”

“I am blown away by the comfort level, zen in the workplace and privacy that the lounge provides to us working moms,” said Utility Executive Secretary Tameeka Ford. “Being away from our little people is already hard, so knowing that our counterparts here at the Department took us into consideration means a lot. The lounge offers calm, comfort and ease so I am able to maintain my productivity throughout the work day.”

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