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Sunflower Motherhood Peri Bottle
Sunflower Motherhood Peri Bottle

Sunflower Motherhood Peri Bottle

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The Peri Bottle is a must-have for every mama after giving birth. Because your body is so tender, it is not recommended to wipe the way you regularly do after using the restroom. This portable bidet makes it easy to gently cleanse yourself while providing relief to your sore parts.

With an ergonomic angled nozzle for upside down use, it's much easier to use than the standard cleansing bottle from the hospital. This is a perfect addition to any postpartum gift basket! Recommended use for both vaginal and C-Section deliveries. If needed, you can take it on the go with the included waterproof travel bag.

Box Includes: 1 300 ML Peri Bottle, 1 Waterproof Carrying Bag

Directions For Use:

1. Fill bottle with warm water and screw cap securely. Optional: Add postpartum sitz bath herbs or witch hazel for extra soothing.

2. Extend nozzle and hold bottle upside down between your legs. Spray to cleanse yourself (ahh, relief). Repeat as needed.

Retract nozzle and dry completely before storing in travel bag.