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Miniware Picnic Snack Set, Sip & Snack Set
Miniware Picnic Snack Set, Sip & Snack Set

Miniware Picnic Snack Set

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Introducing Sip & Snack, a drink and bowl set for complete meals.

The Miniware Sip & Snack is a complete child tableware system created to help your Mini master important feeding skills. The special 90° angle makes scooping easy for both utensils and little fingers, encouraging self-feeding. The beautiful modern design and calming colors keep the focus on food and eating while the detachable suction foot keeps the bowl firmly in place. No more knock-over spills!

This set includes

1x snack bowl, 1x silicone lid, 1x 1-2-3 Sip!, and 1x detachable suction foot

Reasons we love it

All you need for a complete meal in one set

A detachable suction foot builds feeding skills and transitions as Minis grow

Silicone bowl lid ensures less mess and easy storage

Earth and family safe materials, biodegradable and food grade

Easy to stack and store

Dishwasher safe


bowl, cup+lid / plant-based biodegradable and petroleum-free PLA

suction foot, bowl lid, straw / 100% food-grade silicone