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Legendairy Milk Tea-Tas
Legendairy Milk Tea-Tas
Legendairy Milk Tea-Tas
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Legendairy Milk Tea-Tas

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In Guatemala, women know of a long-kept secret learned from their ancestors: an herbal tea made from ixbut to support the flow of mother's milk. In ancient Maya medicine, healers believed in treating like with like and since ixbut excretes an abundant milky sap from its broken stems and leaves, it was fitting that it would be recommended for promoting breast milk production. In studies of 1,800 Guatemalan women who had experienced trouble with breastfeeding their babies, 50% indicated they could not nurse at all without ixbut, 35% showed a notable improvement in milk production with ixbut, and 15% showed no benefit. With your first sip of this delicious and refreshing tea, you'll discover why countless generations of women have sung ixbut's praises.

SUGGESTED USE: For best results, drink 3 cups daily.