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 Herblore Healing Salve
 Herblore Healing Salve

Herblore Healing Salve

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This is a fantastic salve for diaper rash or any type of skin problem or irritation that needs healing and soothing. The typical result is that it will heal a diaper rash within hours, overnight in severe cases.

Use the salve at every diaper change for newborns to help remove the sticky poop (meconium) that is passed the first few days after birth. Meconium can be very difficult to wipe off and can be irritating to the baby's tender skin. Applying Healing Salve at each diaper change makes it much easier to remove, and more gentle on their skin.

This salve can also be used on tight pregnant belly skin or on sore and cracked nipples.  Let breastmilk dry on breasts after feeding, then apply salve.  If there is any that hasn't absorbed by the next feeding, gently remove before putting baby to the breast.

Note: Do not use on any areas of infection as this salve heals so quickly, that it may heal over the top of an infection. Once the infection has been cleared, Healing Salve may safely be used to help complete and speed the healing process.