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Earth Mama A Little Something For Baby Gift Set

    Earth Mama A Little Something For Baby Gift Set

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    An organic gift that’s almost as sweet as a brand new baby. Because baby skin comes out wholesome — let’s keep it that way!

    5-piece, cruelty-free, travel-size set. Cardboard packaging is 100% recyclable.

    Organic Diaper Balm 1 fl. oz.
    Being a brand new human is tough — so this diaper cream is as gentle as it is effective. Also? It doubles as a multi-tasking skin salve.

    Sweet Orange Baby Lotion 2 fl. oz.
    Comforts, soothes and moisturizes sensitive, delicate skin with some serious cream-a-licious vanilla and orange YUM.

    Sweet Orange Castile Baby Wash 1.67 fl. oz.
    Gentle castile-based vanilla, sweet orange and calendula liquid soap makes bath time even sweeter. NO artificial fragrance, triclosan, phthalates, parabens or sulfates. Because yuck.

    Calendula Baby Oil1 fl. oz.
    Virtually scent-free Calendula-infused grape seed baby oil blend moisturizes dry skin and scalp, and adds extra softness to a sweet and loving infant massage.

    Organic Baby Face Nose & Cheek Balm .5 fl. oz.
    Ultra-rich organic calendula coconut balm soothes dry skin, drooling chins and drippy noses. A soothing organic alternative to petroleum jelly.