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Ameda Breast Flange Insert 22.5mm

Ameda Breast Flange Insert 22.5mm

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  • The Ameda Breast Flange reducing insert fits inside the standard 25 mm flange to reduce the diameter to 22.5 mm.
  • The breast flange is the funnel shaped piece that cups your breast.
  • A good fit is important! Make sure your breast flange is not too small or too large.
  • Using the wrong size will cause discomfort and reduce the effectiveness of your pump.
  • Sold individually - for double pumping purchase two inserts.

All Ameda® HygieniKit® Milk Collection Systems come with a standard size 25.0mm flange, but Ameda also offers a range of different flange sizes and inserts – Ameda's CustomFit Flange System – to ensure you find your best fit.

Note: Flange fit can change as the breast changes after birth and with pumping. Use a size that feels comfortable and provides the best results.

* BPA and DEHP free
* Works with all Ameda breast pumps and HygieniKit Milk Collection Systems