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Whether you're traveling for the holidays or any time of year, we’ve got you covered with the best travel essentials while you are chest/breastfeeding your little one. Healthy Horizons is excited to bring you the most comprehensive assortment of travel essentials for breastfeeding!

Travel Essentials (18)

Boon Trip Travel Drying Rack and Bottle Brushes


Healthy Horizons Shapely Lace Washable Bra Pads


Munchkin Nibbles & Giggles Toddler Gift Set


Pura Infant Bottle With Sleeve 5oz/150ml


Pura Kiki Stainless Steel Bottle 11oz/325ml


Spotless™ Silicone Placemats 2 Pack


Munchkin Brica Drink Pod Adjustable Stroller Cup Holder


Pump Cleaning & Drying Set


Bamboobies Ultra-Thin Washable Nursing Pads


Ameda Washable Breast Pads


Buy or rent breast pumps.

Get reimbursed for a breast pump or breastfeeding consultation. We can provide you with a superbill, which may be submitted to payers (e.g., insurances, funds, or programs) for reimbursement.