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What Makes A Great Lactation Room? 

If you have a corporate lactation room for your employees, we applaud you.  Many company managers, facilities and HR specifically, get overwhelmed at the concept of setting up a lactation space in the workplace. A short tour can be helpful to understand what is needed and answer many questions about the space. Check out this short video tour to explore what one of our Healthy Horizons Lactation Rooms looks like. 

If you don’t yet have a lactation room at your workplace or have one that needs an upgrade, we just so happen to have a Lactation Room Contest and Giveaway in celebration of National Breastfeeding Month!

Every lactation room is slightly different depending on the organization’s facilities. Most are designed to include items that are essential to pumping parents. They generally include functional furniture like tables at the right heights and outlets. 

Some lactation rooms are designed for single users while others are set up for multiple users. Many parents find it helpful to have a schedule so they can coordinate their sessions.

Some parents have access to rooms but they bring their own equipment like pumps, coolers and the supplies they need. Some employers are investing in corporate lactation programs that include multi-user pumps and are fully stocked with lactation room essentials. 

For instance, Healthy Horizons rooms have multi-user hospital grade pumps which are efficient and effective for pumping especially after returning to work after baby’s arrival. Having access to a hospital grade pump is great for maintaining one’s milk supply and it also saves time and money given the pump and supplies are provided for employees through our Corporate Lactation Programs.

Supplies are regularly stocked to ensure that every parent has all they need for a successful pumping or chest/breastfeeding experience. We manage and maintain lactation rooms with Lactation Room Servicing™ so the space remains in top shape for the comfort and best possible experience for all pumping parents.

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