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So, you’re in human resources or facilities management and you've been tasked with designing a Lactation Room for your employees. That can be an intimidating job, especially if you’ve never seen the inside of a mother’s room before. Where do you start? 

The best place to start is to put yourself in the shoes of a new mother who is returning to the office after maternity leave. You will want to feel comfortable and supported in the decision to provide milk for your newborn. You will want to feel that the room you are in is safe, private, and unable to be opened from the outside. You will want an ergonomic setup for your pumping position, a fridge to store milk, and a sink to clean parts. And that’s just a start! 

Here’s a list that you can take with you on designing your Mother’s Room.

1. Start by identifying your designated Mother’s Room space

  • Your mothers' room should have electrical outlets and a sink
  • How many moms will be using the space at a time? Each mom needs privacy, so remember to plan for dividers or curtains if more than one person will be using the space at the same time.
  • Lactation rooms should also have a door that can be locked
  • Don’t forget to label the mother's room

2. Source the large appliances for the lactation room

A fully equipped mothers' room includes: 

  • Refrigerator with freezer unit. Optionally, consider a unit that features individual milk lockers for each mom.
  • Microwave
  • Hospital-Grade Breast Pump

Healthy Horizons can help with any or all appliances and furniture for your lactation room.  Contact us for info about lactation room appliances. 

3. Furnish your breastfeeding room

The chair and pumping table that mom uses should be ergonomic, comfortable and easy-to-clean. We always recommend pleather chairs and C-shaped pump-side-tables. 

The surfaces of the room should be easily wipeable in order to disinfect germs and potential viruses. These surfaces include the pleather chair, pump table, counter tops, sink space and even door handles.   

4. Choose a Mothers' Room Theme

We've seen lots of great mothers room themes over the years. Consider themes that align with your corporate culture, and provide a relaxing and comfortable environment.  Some themes we have seen are boho, clean and corporate, or underwater.

5. Decorate and Add Ambiance

  • Choose a fun wallpaper that lightens the room and provides a soothing ambiance. 
  • Add a sound machine so the mom can relax and not be distracted by outside noises and conversations. 
  • Tall lamps are always a nice addition to the rooms. 
  • Hooks for hanging clothing and bags are a must. 
  • Adding a bulletin board or white board allows the moms to share notes and photos of their babies and families providing that community feel! 
  • Fake plants or succulents help calm down the mom as she pumps. 
  • A mirror is necessary to help moms get redressed after pumping. 
  • Magazines such as… 
  • Blankets and pillows. Not only are they for comfort, but the pillow allows the mom to sit upright while pumping. 
  • A heater for the room is great, as corporate offices tend to run a little cold. 
  • Foot rests are super helpful for moms to rest their feet on. 

Your goal is to make the transition back to work as seamless as possible, and a crucial part of that is a high-quality mother’s room. We all know that if mothers are relaxed, they will have an overall better pumping experience, be able to produce more milk, and in return, will have a healthier experience. 

Lactation Room Services from Healthy Horizons

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