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Nipple Ruler Flange Sizing Measurement Tool

Nipple Ruler Flange Sizing Measurement Tool

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Use this Nipple Ruler to find the correct and comfortable breast pump flange or shield size to avoid pain and increase output during pumping. Made of soft, non-toxic silicone.

Instructions for use:

Hold the silicone nipple measuring tool ruler towards the edge on one side of the nipple and observe the size of the nipple by looking in the mirror or taking a picture. You will be measuring in mm. Based on the number obtained, place the nipple in the corresponding circle size one size up to start.  Make sure you can comfortably fit into the circle without having to force a fit. If it is too big, go down a size. If too small go up a size. It is recommended to measure and adjust the flange size regularly and use the nipple measuring tool for proper flange fitting. Always measure each nipple individually.