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Lactation Room Furnishings & Decor Classic Bundle - $1,499

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Lactation Room Furnishings & Decor Premium Bundle - $2,699

*Includes Free Shipping

Your One-Stop Shop for Creating a Workplace Lactation Room Parents Will Love

Maximize the impact of your 2022 spending and ring in the new year with upgraded Lactation Rooms! Want to update, refresh or create an inclusive, comfortable and safe space for your working parents who are chest/breastfeeding? 

It is a great thing to do… and it’s also the law. We have taken all the guesswork out of the process for you! Whether you choose the Classic or Premium option, you will have a set-up that tells your employees you care.

Healthy Horizons is here to help you end the year on a great note for your company and employees. 

Classic Bundle - $1,499

The Classic Bundle includes all the pieces needed to make a comfortable and inviting space for chest/breastfeeding parents.

The Classic Bundle Includes

  • Cream Mother's Room Chair with Tablet
  • Wood Grain Finish Nesting Tables with Cantilever Base
  • White and Gray 5 Drawer Storage Organizer
  • Unwind Lumbar Pillow
  • White Saddle Wing Ottoman 

White and Gray 5 Drawer Storage Organizer

  • White cast iron frame
  • 5 Easy pull light gray drawers
  • 3 medium & 2 large drawers
  • Individual storage spaces
  • Fade & stain resistant drawers
  • 39.5” W x 21.5” H x 11.75” D

Cream Mother's Room Chair with Tablet

  • Lactation Room chair
  • Swivel tablet
  • Cupholder
  • Locking front wheels
  • Wipeable upholstery
  • 35'' W x 41'' H x 30'' D

Wood Grain Finish Nesting Tables with Cantilever Base

  • 3 Nesting tables
  • Keep supplies nearby
  • Large: 17.75" W x 19.75" H x 15.75" D
  • Medium: 15.75" W x 18" H x 15" D
  • Small: 13.5" W x 17" H x 13.5" D

“Unwind” Lumbar Pillow

  • Provides support for upright positioning while pumping
  • Rectangular accent pillow
  • Stain resistant & wipeable
  • 14'' H X 20'' W

White Saddle Wing Ottoman

  • Faux leather ottoman
  • Curved saddle design
  • Ideal comfort while pumping
  • White 
  • 21.5” W x 15.75” H x 16.25” D

Premium Bundle - $2,699

The Premium Bundle includes everything in the Classic Bundle, plus all the upgrades your Lactation Rooms need to be best-in-class. Each item has been carefully chosen to meet the unique needs of Lactation Room users.

Classic Bundle, Plus

  • Geometric 5'x7' Area Rug 
  • Wall Mounted Whiteboard
  • Sound Therapy Machine + Remote Control
  • White 60” Floor Lamp 
  • Wall Mounted Coat Hooks
  • White Full Length Mirror 
  • 12” Blue Analog Wall Clock
  • Artificial Orchid
  • Lactation Room Essentials Premium Stocking Bundle

Geometric 5'x7' Area Rug

  • Hand woven gray area
  • Ivory diamond pattern
  • Polyester/Cotton blend
  • 60” W x 85” D

Lactation Room Essentials Premium Stocking Bundle

  • The best room items
  • Breast Pump Sanitizer
  • Gloves
  • Hand Sanitizer
  • Hand Soap
  • Hand Lotion
  • Attachment Kit Soaps
  • Quick Clean Wipes
  • Milk Storage Bags
  • Steam Sterilizer Bags
  • Disposable Bra Pads
  • Refreshing Breast Wipes
  • Comfort Creams
  • Lactation Tea
  • Lactation Drink Mix
  • Lactation Cookies
  • Hospital grade pump and personal attachment kits are available to add on to your bundle.

Wall Mounted Coat Hooks

  • 5 decorative coat hooks with a functional shelf
  • Convenient for hanging personal items & clothes
  • 9'' H X 27.9'' W X 5'' D

Magnetic Wall Mounted Whiteboard

  • White wood finish
  • Includes 2 magnets for parents to hang photos of their new babies
  • Information for room users
  • Wipeable dry erase surface
  • 30” W x 20” H

Sound Therapy Machine

  • 60 sound options
  • Soothing sounds mask office noise
  • Provides needed privacy and relaxation in the Lactation Room
  • Plugs into a standard outlet
  • 4.5'' H X 4.25'' W X 4.25'' D

Artificial Orchid

  • Realistic artificial silk orchid
  • A beautiful and durable decorative item
  • 16'' H X 5'' W X 5'' D

White Full Length Mirror

  • Versatile full length mirror
  • Wall mount, lean, or free-stand
  • 65'' H X 22'' W X 1.6'' D
  • 22 lbs

White 60" Floor Lamp

  • White 60” floor lamp
  • Glossy white finish with white drum lamp shade
  • LED compatible
  • Plugs into standard outlets
  • 60'' H X 16'' W X 16'' D

12" Blue Analog Wall Clock

  • Wood material
  • Quartz operating mechanism
  • Uses AA batteries
  • 12” Dia

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