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Hospital-Grade Breast Pumps.

Convenience & Safety for Your Lactating Employees

Make it easier for new parents to return to work by providing access to breast pumps in the office.

43% of women leave the workforce after having a child due to a lack of new mother support. By providing adequate lactation-at-work benefits -- including lactation spaces outfitted with hospital-grade breast pumps -- companies see increased retention and lower absenteeism due to healthier babies. 

Healthy Horizons provides hospital-grade breast pumps for corporate purchase and corporate breast pump rentals.  We also provide optional Lactation Room Servicing, which includes monitoring your workplace breast pumps to ensure they are in good working order. 

We are the trusted lactation partner for Fortune 100 companies and top workplaces across North America. Contact us to request a lactation needs assessment  or estimate.   

Hospital-Grade Breast Pumps for Corporate Purchase

Ask us about volume pricing if you have multiple lactation spaces or locations. Our services are scalable for your needs. We also provide attachments, accessories, and everything you need for a well-equipped lactation space in your facility. 

Corporate Rental Breast Pumps

Healthy Horizons provides short-term and long-term corporate rental options for hospital-grade breast pumps. We're here to make it convenient and comfortable for your lactating employees to pump at work. We'll make it easy for you, too!

Personal, Wearable Breast Pumps for Work

Do you want to provide nursing employees with personal, wearable breast pumps for work-from-home or travel?  We've got you covered!  

Workplace Breast Pumps FAQ

Should I provide a hospital-grade pump at work?

Hospital-grade pumps are more powerful than personal use pumps. They help many moms produce more breast milk, pump in less time, and have a more comfortable pumping experience.

Can multiple moms use a breast pump?

Yes, if the pump is a hospital-grade breast pump designed for multiple users. The hospital-grade breast pumps we rent and sell are used in hospitals around the world. They need to be properly sanitized in between uses, which we can help with!


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Healthy Horizons provides world class corporate lactation rooms for Fortune 100 companies and top workplaces across North America. Contact us for an expert lactation room assessment, mothers room design and installation, lactation equipment, furnishings and services. 

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