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Workplace Lactation Resources

Help Clients Shape an Inclusive Workplace for Parents with Supplemental Wellness Benefits.

Offer family benefit solutions and voluntary wellness benefits for increased productivity, decreased turnover, and reduced absenteeism. 

Lactation-at-Work Benefits are an excellent way to differentiate your offering. 

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Did you know?

  • Working moms and families are the fastest-growing work segment

  • The majority of new parents struggle to maintain both career and breastfeeding

  • 43% of women leave the workforce after having a child due to a lack of new mother support

  • With nearly 65,000,000 families in the workforce, chest/breastfeeding parents need a solution.

Empower parents to thrive in their careers without having to sacrifice the needs of their families. 

Increase retention and boost employee productivity by 15%. 

Improve employee perception, loyalty & decrease absenteeism for your clients.

Attract & Retain Talent

  • Lactation room setup & maintenance 

  • Hospital-grade breast pumps & milk storage fridges

  • Pumping & traveling solutions

  • On-demand, live & in-person parenting classes

  • 1:1's with experts & educational resources

  • Multi-lingual education offerings available

  • Corporate gift programs for new parents 

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There are 27.6 million working women of childbearing age without the basic necessities to breastfeed.

Healthy Horizons is the premiere lactation partner for employers that have nursing parents returning to work.


Breast Pumps

On-Demand Support

& Education

Lactation Room

Setup & Services

New Parent & Remote 

Corporate Gifting

Convenient & Personalized


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Offer Comprehensive Services with Our 30 Years of Experience

  • Meet federal, state & local workplace lactation requirements

  • Partner with a women-owned business, first to offer corporate lactation services at scale

  • Across North America

  • COVID Lactation Resources

You're in Good Company

Trusted by the world’s most progressive industry leaders, we scale our offerings to serve both Fortune 100 companies and startups.

Offer An Innovative Solution For Your Clients 

Healthy Horizons provides world-class corporate lactation rooms for top workplaces across North America. 

Expert lactation room assessment, lactation room design, and installation, lactation equipment, furnishings, and services.