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Thrive Global Turns to Cassi Janakos for Key Lessons from Successful Entrepreneurs

by HH on October 07, 2018

Healthy Horizons COO Cassi Janakos guided readers through the 5 essentials for establishing a workplace mother's room in "How to Turn Pain and Frustration into Entrepreneurial Opportunities," an article published by Thrive Global. 

Here are Cassi's insights:

Lesson #5: Transform from victim to survivor to warrior

It’s no secret that power dynamics in most societies are skewed, resulting in oppression based on race, class, and gender. Many people are unwilling victims in the cycles of abuse this creates, but if the survivors can take this suffering and become warriors, the opportunity for real change has a chance to be enacted.

Take the example of Cassi Janakos from Healthy Horizons. “I started Healthy Horizons in 2015 to help women remain in the workforce. As a young engineer, I was so frustrated that my hard working female friends at other companies were leaving work after having a baby due to lack of support. I started the company to provide HR departments everything they need to support a mother returning to work.

From setting up the mother’s room to maintaining a hospital-grade breast pump on-site to providing breastfeeding and return to work education to moms and dads, we do it all! We serve every US state and a large portion of the Fortune 500 are our clients, including Amgen, PG&E, and PayPal, among many others. It’s inspiring to see companies support women and enable a change that makes women’s lives better.”

Founded and led by Arianna Huffington, Thrive Global is a health, well-being and productivity company aimed at redefining the way we work and live. Its contributor community is an essential part of Thrive’s mission.


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