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Why Rent A Hospital-Grade Breast Pump For Your Home?

There are many reasons why a mom without serious breastfeeding issues may want to pump at home with a hospital-grade pump. They may want to build a milk stash for emergencies or be able to pump and give milk to a caregiver. They may work from home and have times during the day when they can’t be available to their baby so they want to pump milk to keep up their supply. Having a hospital-grade pump lets moms maximize the amount of milk they can get out of their breasts in a minimal amount of time.

A hospital-grade pump typically gets more milk out of the breasts more efficiently than personal use pumps. Be aware that many personal use pumps also known as insurance pumps claim to be hospital strength, but this is a marketing ploy to confuse the consumer. They can reach high suction levels but at a rate that can cause less effective emptying and more discomfort.

More completely emptying the breast can be really helpful in many situations. For example, a mother in the middle of the night finds she has more milk left in her breasts after her baby has fed so she wants to pump out the rest of the milk so she can save it. A hospital-grade breast pump will let her pump the rest of the milk quickly so she can go back to sleep. Or maybe mom is spending some alone time at home while baby is out with grandparents so she needs to pump that feeding, or she is pumping extra milk so dad can give a bottle later while she’s out or asleep. A mom can pump at home with a hospital-grade pump to ensure that she is emptying her breasts to keep up her supply.

Some moms simply don’t respond well to personal pumps and find that they get better results with a hospital-grade pump. They like the consistent action of a hospital grade pump and the increased level of suction. They may find hospital-grade pumps to be gentler, smoother, and more comfortable to use. Responding well to the pump lets mom fully empty her breasts to ensure her milk supply doesn’t drop if she is away from their baby.

Hospital-grade breast pumps are a little larger and heavier than personal pumps, but moms can create their own space with them for pumping milk. This way, they don’t have to move the pump around and have a place to pump that is always available. Moms can keep their pumping kit there along with other items like books, magazines, or a device to watch TV or movies.

Hospital-grade breast pumps are expensive to buy, so most parents will rent one instead of purchasing one. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends to breastfeed for 1 year. The cost of renting a breast pump in that time is significantly less than the cost of purchasing formula. In addition, babies get all the benefits from breast milk that are not in formula, including fewer doctor visits. Renting a hospital-grade breast pump at home helps keep a baby breastfeeding and parents will still save money over buying formula.

Renting a pump also reduces the hassle of getting a pump fixed if it breaks. At Healthy Horizons, moms who rent from us can switch out a pump if they feel there is a problem with their pump. They can also rent different pumps if they decide they prefer a different model. In addition, moms can always ask us questions about how to use their pumps and what supplies they need.

At our Healthy Horizons Breastfeeding Centers, we rent different models of hospital-grade breast pumps including the Medela Symphony and the Ameda Platinum either weekly or monthly. We also offer Pump 101 classes for moms who want to know how to make the most of their pump; this class is heavily discounted for Healthy Horizons pump renters. Moms can drop into our Burlingame, Menlo Park, or Stanford locations and rent a pump, based on availability.

Healthy Horizons also offers online pump rentals at You can book your pump online at any of our three locations and pick up during our normal business hours. Renting your pump online includes all the same rental benefits as our in-store customers!

Come visit our Healthy Horizons Breastfeeding Centers or check out our breastpump rental website if you are interested in renting a hospital-grade breast pump.