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Reasons To Offer Maternity Parking

Many of our clients are implementing reserved parking for expectant mothers, this gesture is a wonderful way to show your support and ease one of the challenges that comes with working while pregnant. Maternity parking is reserved parking for pregnant women close to the entrance of a building with the intent of making their lives easier as they go through the later or more intense stages of their pregnancy. Maternity Parking is also referred to as Expectant Mothers Parking and Stork Parking. Wondering why you should offer expectant mothers parking? 

These are the top reasons:

1. Pain & Discomfort 

Near the end of pregnancy it becomes very uncomfortable for many women to walk, they can have lower back pain, sciatica, and shortness of breathe (because their lungs have less space with their growing baby!).

2. Pregnancy is Exhausting

 Pregnancy itself can be totally physically exhausting as well, what is normally a short walk from the car can turn into a journey across the parking lot to the office for some moms.

3. Twins & Multiples

Moms with twins or multiples typically have an even more challenging time and routinely have to get temporary handicap placards.

4. Show you are Supportive of Women Choosing to Have Children

The courtesy of providing Expectant Mother Parking is a visible way to show your employees that you are supportive of women choosing to have children and will supportive throughout their pregnancy and beyond.