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Sun Safety For Infants Under 6 Months

by Healthy Horizons on August 06, 2019

When you're at the beach or an outdoor activity in the bright sun, how do you protect your baby under 6 months from the sun?  You might think to put on sunscreen for your baby, but the FDA and AAP recommendation is actually to not lather them up with sunscreen.

The FDA recommends to keep baby under 6 months out of the sun and to avoid exposure between the hours of 10am and 2pm when the UV rays are the most intense.  The skin of infants is less mature and they have a higher surface-area to body-weight ratio so their exposure to chemicals in sunscreen is greater. Instead, follow these tips to protect your little one from the sun and the heat.

Keep your baby in the shade if you can.  Pull up the canopy of the stroller.  Or use an umbrella to create shade.Dress your baby in clothing that protects them from the sun.  To test if a clothing item will give sufficient protection, hold the fabric against your hand and check if you can see through it.  If you can, then it won't adequately protect your baby.Have your baby wear a hat.Keep your baby hydrated!  Offer breastmilk often, and use a cooler if you're transporting milk.  

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