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San Jose Mother's Milk Bank

by Healthy Horizons on August 16, 2016

The First Milk Bank In CA:

The San Jose Mothers’ Milk Bank is one of the first milk banks in the United States and is the first non-profit milk bank established in California. They set the foundation and standards of processing donated breast milk that other milk banking organizations use. The San Jose Mothers’ Milk Bank is a charter member of the Human Milk Banking Association of North America (HMBANA) that started in 1985 to support non-profit donor human milk banking. Now the HMBANA has helped support and establish 20 non-profit milk banks in North America.

Why San Jose Mothers’ Milk Bank Is Great?

  • San Jose Mothers’ Milk Bank was the first to establish a non-profit bank in 1974 in California.

  • Over 500,000 ounces of breast milk were distributed in 2014 to infants and children!

  • They provide processed donated Breast Milk to 114 Hospitals.

  • San Jose Mother's Milk Bank collects excess breast milk from volunteer breastfeeding mothers and donate it to mothers in need of breast milk.

Why Donate?

1. Help Save Babies Lives

The donated breast milk helps nourish infants in need of breast milk. Many mothers experience milk production obstacles and the breast milk from the milk banks encourages those mothers to continue breastfeeding, while receiving support by the milk bank.

2. It’s Easy, Fast, and Free.

The process is simple. Start by going through a quick phone screening, a questionnaire, and blood test. A donation kit will then be shipped to your house and shipping to the milk bank is free. Voila! Breast milk donation couldn’t be any easier.

3. It's Safe

The San Jose Milk Bank pasteurize the breast milk to remove viruses and bacteria so it's safe for babies.

4. Giving Back

Breast milk donations create wonders. It gives infants a chance to grow healthy and strong. lt supports moms in many indescribable ways, such as morale and supporting her baby's health! Be the mother that positively impacts another mother and her baby!


Healthy Horizon Supports The San Jose Mothers’ Milk Bank

Healthy Horizons is proud to have supported the San Jose Mothers’ Milk Bank in a variety of ways. Currently, Healthy Horizons does outreach for breast milk donations in their newsletters, Facebook page, and in our breastfeeding centers. The CEO of Healthy Horizons, Sheila Janakos, was a donor for 2 years when she was breastfeeding her youngest son. Healthy Horizons does outreach for the Milk Bank and has organized Milk Bank drives. Lastly, Healthy Horizon used to be a local depot station where moms could drop-off their milk donation kits and then get picked up by the San Jose Mothers’ Milk Bank.

Learn more about the San Jose Mother's Milk Bank:


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