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Mom Hack: Protect Your Baby in Cold Weather

by Healthy Horizons on February 12, 2019

Parents may find dressing their baby in the cold winter months challenging, especially as temperatures can swing from freezing cold to a warm day within a week or even during the course of a day. Here are tips on how you can dress your baby to keep them warm for any temperature change in the weather!

  1. Dress your baby in layers. Layers allow you to adjust your baby's clothing to the changing temperatures. This is especially important in climates that have wide day to night temperature swings. You can have your baby wear a bodysuit and snug fitting leggings as a first layer. Then have a long sleeve shirt and pants over that. Finally put on a jacket with a hat, mittens, and booties.

  2. Don't have baby wear a puffy coat in the car seat. Even if it seems that the straps are snug against your baby, the material of the coat can compress during an accident and leave a large gap, increasing the chances of injury to your baby. Instead, take the coat off and put your baby in the car seat first. Then layer with a blanket or even the coat placed on top.

  3. Wear your baby. Keeping your baby next to you is another way to keep baby warm. Baby may not need that coat in the carrier, but be sure to have baby wear a hat and booties to keep them from losing heat.

  4. Tuck your baby under a blanket in the stroller. You might think that throwing a blanket over the stroller would be best, but that might impact the air flow to your baby. It is better to tuck a blanket around baby to chest level to keep them snug in the stroller.

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