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Mom Hack: Plan Your Holiday Road Trip

As we prepare to visit family and partake in holiday traditions, planning around how to get there with baby is also an important piece of the puzzle.

Like many families, ours will be traveling this holiday season by taking to the road to visit grandparents and relatives. Before you start that road trip, make sure your car is packed and ready for babies and toddlers!​

  • Before leaving make sure your baby's and toddler's car seat is installed properly. Read your car seat and vehicle manuals so you know how to install the seat.

  • Pack strategically so you have easy access to items that you need on the road. Hats, jackets, and gloves should be easily accessible. A change of clothes, wipes, and diapers should be in easy reach. Keep resealable bags handy for any unexpected messes!​

  • Plan to have pit stops for breastfeeding babies and antsy toddlers. Don't expect your toddler to sit for more than a couple of hours at a time. Plan a couple fun stops to see a roadside attraction or to run around at a park or playground.

  • At rest stops be prepared for any diaper change situation. Bring a foldable changing mat for a clean surface and be ready to change the diaper in the back of the car depending on the amenities available.

  • Pack snacks, fun activities, and entertainment to keep your little ones from getting restless. Digital games and videos are great for travel, but set rules for when, how often, and regulate screen time. Include car games, songs, and stories to keep the whole family entertained!

  • If your little one has a favorite stuffed animal or blanket, bring a backup in case it's lost enroute to avoid having to return to restops or a distraught toddler.

With a little preparation, your family road trip can be a little more enjoyable. Just think how excited everyone will be to see your little one!

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