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Mom Hack: Fun Summer Activities With Your Baby

by Healthy Horizons on July 11, 2019

As the days get longer and the weather warms up, spring and summer usher in new wonders for a baby. Introduce spring to your baby or toddler with these fun activities!

  • Fly a kite - You can try making a kite with your toddler, or buy one. Let your baby enjoy seeing it fly or try flying it together with your toddler.

  • Go on a picnic - head to your nearest park or hang out in your backyard with a basket full of goodies and spread out a blanket. Let your baby have a little tummy time on the blanket or have your toddler help you set up the food.

  • Cloud gazing - Lay on the grass or a blanket and see what animal shapes your toddler can find or see where their imagination takes them! Babies love to watch clouds drift by in a blue sky.

  • Go on a nature walk - Head to a nearby park and go for a ride with baby in the stroller or sling, or have your toddler alongside you. Enjoy new wildflowers and spring flowers blooming on trees. See what birds songs you can listen to. You may even spot new bird nests since trees aren't in full bloom. Let your baby observe butterflies and new caterpillars. Don't forget to dress your baby warmly on your spring outing!

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