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Look Mom, No Hands! Getting the Right Hands-Free Pumping Bra

by Healthy Horizons on March 22, 2017

If you are a mom who needs to pump at work 3-4 times daily, or a mom who is pumping at home to build her supply, or to store milk while she is away from her baby, then you may want to consider getting a hands-free bra. A hands-free bra gives you the ability to do other activities instead of just holding the pump flanges. You can eat, talk on the phone, or be on your laptop while pumping. Instead of holding and watching the milk flow into the bottles, some moms find they are able to express more milk when they are reading, doing other activities, or just relaxing.

Even if you already have a hands-free bra, it is worth looking into what options are available because not all bras work well for all women. Some bras work better for women who have a small frame and not as well for larger women. Some bras are better for women with large cup sizes, and not so much for smaller women. Especially in the rush to get ready to go back to work, many women simply buy the first hands-free bra that they see, and may not be satisfied with the results since it may not be the right size for them. Since providing breastmilk is a long-term commitment for your baby, it is important to have a hands-free bra that fits and works well for you. It is definitely worth the investment to find the right one. Healthy Horizons has a selection of the most popular bras and accessories for hands-free pumping! You may find a hands-free bra or accessory that works better for you!


Bravado Clip and Pump™ Hands-Free Nursing Bra Accessory


This bra accessory from Bravado allows you to attach the accessory to the clips on the nursing bra and hook it in the back around the bra band. It has an easy and adjustable fit. It is not too bulky and is easy to maneuver with one hand. Hands-free bras that have support and attach from above typically work better for women with larger bra sizes. This bra works well with small to medium framed women. It comes in sizes S to XL and is available in grey or black.


Simple Wishes Signature Hands-Free Pumping Bra


This hands-free bra (shown on left and in featured photo on top) has an adjustable band that can fit a wide range of sizes. This bra is great for moms who need to pump directly after birth and will continue to pump because their band size is very likely to change in the first 6 weeks. It wraps around the torso and zips up in front. You can use this bra on its own or wrap this bra around your existing nursing bra. If you need more support, it also comes with extra supporting straps that go over the shoulders. This bra has two layers to firmly hold the flanges in place. Because it is so adjustable, it works well for moms of all sizes. It comes in two sizes (XS-L) and (L-Plus) and is available in pink or black. This bra is also available online from Healthy Horizons.


Easy Expression™ Bustier from Medela


This hands-free bra was one of the first hands-free bras that was available to breastfeeding mothers and was created by a mom who worked and pumped milk and is now available from Medela. This is a simple cotton and spandex bra that zips up in front. It is not adjustable, but comes in a variety of sizes. It can be used on its own or over a nursing bra with the flaps open. Because it is a wraparound with a zipper in front, you can put it on quickly, which is helpful for working mothers who want to get in and out of the mother’s room fast. This bra works well with women with a smaller frame and smaller cup size. It comes in white, nude, and black, and sizes S to L.


Lotus Yoga and Pumping Bra by Cake Maternity


This is a combo nursing, yoga, and pumping bra for new mothers. This bra has a two-layer cup design so you can pull the fabric to the side for nursing or pumping. Because of the two-layer design, it can hold the flanges in place for hands-free pumping. This bra works great for women with a small frame. It comes in sizes from XS to XL, and in three different color combinations.

With lots of options for hand-free pumping, all moms who pump milk don’t need to have their hands tied to holding the flanges. They also don’t need to endure a bra that might not be the right fit for them. A hands-free bra is an important part of your pumping toolkit, so take the time to ensure you have a bra that fits and works well for you. Peruse and try on our selection of bras in our Healthy Horizon Breastfeeding Centers so you can ensure you find the right bra for you!


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