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Lactation Consultant Spotlight: Maggie Kler, IBCLC

by Healthy Horizons on February 22, 2018


Maggie Kler, IBCLC, has been with Healthy Horizons for 4 years. A transplant from the Midwest, she has first-hand experience as a working and breastfeeding mom. She nursed her first child until he was over three. She has a BS from the University of Cincinnati and studied at University of California San Diego and San Francisco State for her credentials as an IBCLC. Many of her clients tell us about how she has given them the breastfeeding support and guidance they need with warmth and compassion. Below are the some of the comments our clients have said about Maggie:

"Solving our nursing issues will be an ongoing process for a while, but Maggie’s guidance has got us on the right track, and I feel a lot more hopeful now." - Anna M.

"Maggie was compassionate and so helpful! There's been a huge difference in our breastfeeding experience since she's visited. Thank you!" - Jennie L.

Maggie also manages our Healthy Horizons Breastfeeding Centers. She plans and executes corporate events, servicing and accounts. Maggie teaches her unique Pump 101 class to show mothers how to make the most out of using their breastpump.

Maggie says, "One part of my job that I love is after providing support and consulting in the first days of life, I get to see the families come through the store frequently throughout the first year of life and visit, updating me in their breastfeeding relationship.”

Come by our Healthy Horizons Breastfeeding Centers to schedule a consultation with Maggie, take her Pump 101 class, or just visit her and say hi!

by Healthy Horizons on March 01, 2023

Hi Ana! Congratulations on your baby girl! If you have more questions, reach out to us on our Contact Us page any time!

by Ana Maria on March 01, 2023

Hi Maggie! My name is Ana Maria and I am a client of Samantha. She referred me to you because I have some questions about breastfeeding. I gave birth on March 4th to a beautiful preemie (35wks 5d) girl named Amelia.


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