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Indigenous Milk Medicine Recap and Resources for National Breastfeeding Month

"Indigenous Milk Medicine is a first sacred food and a sustainable food system that advances rematriation (returning to the sacred mother), public health and ceremony."

The second week of National Breastfeeding Month begins with Indigenous Milk Medicine Week. The Indigenous Milk Medicine Collective sponsors the observance every year.

What is the Milk Medicine Collective?

“The Milk Medicine Collective is a grassroots organization of Native Women, two-spirit, and femme lactation providers, lactivists and supporters. We work to increase support and resources for Native first food experiences, to promote healing and wellness, and to push for access, opportunity, visibility and equity in Indigenous Milk experiences."

Indigenous Milk Medicine Resources 

Breastfeeding & Sobriety Webinar

Indigenous Milk Medicine IBCLC

Men’s Role in Reproductive Justice and Maternal Health Webinar

Healthy Horizons is an advocate and resource for chest/breastfeeding parents in all communities and encourages everyone to support Indigenous Chest/Breastfeeding/Indigenous Milk Medicine all year round.


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