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Hospital Bag Checklist: What to Pack for Labor and Delivery

by Healthy Horizons on April 30, 2024

The Important Stuff - Must Haves:

🗹 Driver’s License/Identification

🗹 Insurance card

🗹 A copy of your birth plan (plus maybe an extra copy)

🗹 Phone charger, extra long cord

🗹 Glasses or contacts, contact solution

🗹 Cord banking kit (if you are banking cord blood)

🗹 Toiletries - toothbrush, hair ties, etc.

🗹 Going home outfit for you

The Extras - Nice to Haves:

🗹 Snacks, hard candy 

🗹 Comfortable robe

🗹 Pajamas  - nursing friendly if you are breastfeeding

🗹 Socks

🗹 Nursing bras

🗹 Bra pads

🗹 Nipple cream

🗹 Postpartum underwear

🗹 Maxi pads

🗹 Headphones/earbuds, portable speaker

🗹 Make up

🗹 Light reading

🗹 Games, crossword puzzles, etc.

🗹 Diffuser, essential oils

🗹 Comfortable pillow or blanket from home - for you + partner

🗹 Towels

🗹 Reusable water bottle

🗹 Tote bag - to bring things home with you

🗹 List of people to call

For the Baby:

🗹 Car seat

🗹 Going home outfit

🗹 Pediatrician’s information

🗹 Bottle feeding - bottles, preferred formula if not breastfeeding


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