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Create Your Breastfeeding or Pumping Space at Home

by Healthy Horizons on July 19, 2017

Mothers who breastfeed need to feed their baby 8 to 12 times a day, especially if their baby is going through a growth spurt. Breastfeeding a baby takes time, so it’s a good idea to make the most of your time while nursing. One good way is to create your breastfeeding space. This is an area of your home that is set aside for breastfeeding so that both you and the baby are comfortable. If you are pumping milk for your baby, this is also a great place to do your pumping sessions. Not only does setting aside space for breastfeeding help you relax and enjoy your time, it also helps ensure that you have everything you need. Maybe as you are nursing you find that you are thirsty, or need an extra pillow to adjust, or you would like to watch TV or a video. Setting aside a space helps you have those items within reach if you’ve forgotten to grab them before nursing or pumping. Here are some tips on how you can make a space in your home to keep you and your baby comfortable while breastfeeding or pumping.

Finding Your Space

You’ll need to choose a space in your home that you’ll want to dedicate to breastfeeding or pumping milk. Think about what you might be doing while breastfeeding. Do you watch TV? If so, then you’ll want to be in viewing distance of the TV. Is internet access important? Then make sure you’re able to get Wi-Fi in that area. Do you like to read? If so, then have good adjustable lighting available. Maybe you’ll want to have your space by a window for natural lighting. Determine where you find yourself breastfeeding the most, where you feel relaxed, or where you would like to create your space.

Getting Comfortable

One you determine where you want your space, make sure it has a chair that is comfortable for you to breastfeed. It could be a plush chair, padded glider rocker, or a small couch. You can keep your favorite breastfeeding pillow there, such as the My Brest Friend Nursing Pillow. We also suggest keeping a couple small pillows and a few small rolled baby towels nearby. Rolled baby towels are good for adding extra support such as under the arms. They are also handy if the baby needs another blanket or wrap. A footstool is also a must for a breastfeeding mother, as raising the feet and giving some support really helps get the mom in the right position and makes it much more comfortable to breastfeed. An adjustable stool such as the My Brest Friend Adjustable Nursing Stool is a good idea because you can adjust it as you need to be more comfortable. Have some small towels or cloth diapers for cleaning any baby spit-up, especially when burping your baby. If you are pumping milk, make sure that the pump is at a comfortable level. The pump should be about chest level and you should be able to easily reach the pump to adjustment it. Make sure you have space on a table within reach to put down your bottles. If you plan to use a laptop, have a small table situated so you can reach it while you are pumping or nursing.

Adding Your Amenities

Add amenities to your breastfeeding area to make your space more relaxing, efficient, and comfortable. Keep items that you would use within reach, such as the TV remote, books, or even an iPad or laptop. Breastfeeding moms also get the munchies during the day, so it’s good to have some snacks nearby. Fruit and crackers are good snack foods that are easy to eat. Lactation bars and cookies such as Oat Mama Bars and Bessie’s Best Lactation Cookies are also a good snack. Many bars come pre-wrapped so you can just grab one and they are easy to snack on while nursing or pumping. Breastfeeding moms also need to stay hydrated so it’s a good idea to keep water or beverages within reach. If you are pumping milk, keep your hands-free bra there so it’s available and ready every time you need to pump. By creating your own breastfeeding or pumping space, you can make the most of your time nursing or pumping milk. Take that time to relax and read a book, or catch up on a video. Busy mothers often forget to eat so it’s also a good time to grab a quick snack. Items like a breastfeeding pillow, footstool, or a hands-free bra are also essentials for any breastfeeding or pumping space. If you would like to create your own space, visit our Healthy Horizons Breastfeeding Centers so we can help make sure you have all the items you need.


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