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Celebrating Valentine's Day With Baby

With a new little one, you have another reason to celebrate Valentine's Day! Make it one to remember as a family. Here are our five favorite tips to celebrate Valentine's Day with your baby!

  1. Create or buy Valentines. Get creative and include a picture or handprint of your baby to send to relatives and loved ones.
  2. Dress up your baby in a cute Valentine's Day outfit. Check stores for cute Valentine's Day themed baby clothing or just pick up an outfit with red, white or pink colors.
  3. Do a special Valentine's Day photo shoot. You could make it casual by taking family pictures with your baby at home and ask a friend to take a picture of everyone. Or head to a local photo store for a professional shoot.
  4. Have dinner and a movie at home. You can make it easy by ordering food to go from a nice restaurant or prepare a special meal at home. Depending on the baby's schedule, you could have a couple's dinner once the baby has nursed and gone to sleep, or have dinner together and enjoy a couple's movie after baby has gone to bed.
  5. Plan ahead for the day. As parents with a hectic schedule, planning ahead helps make your celebration go smoothly and lets you do something special without the chaos of parenthood. Decide if you plan to order out or make dinner. Buy Valentines or supplies ahead of time or schedule a time for a photo shoot to keep everyone's schedule on track.

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