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The top two breast pumps to rent are the Ameda Platinum and Medela Symphony. They simply are the most powerful, efficient pumps and greatest bang-for-your-buck. Both the Ameda Platinum and Medela Symphony are reliable, hospital-grade breast pumps. Both are used in corporate Mother’s Rooms around the nation, and can be rented from Healthy Horizons directly to your office or front door.

We get a lot of questions about the differences of the two breast pumps, and we’ve written an entire blog on it: Comparing Medela Symphony And Ameda Platinum Hospital Grade Breast Pumps. Here are common questions.

Breast Pump Rental FAQs

What’s the shortest amount of time I can rent a pump?

Healthy Horizons has a one-month minimum on our breast pump rentals.

What’s the longest amount of time I can rent a pump?

There is no limit!

Should I use a hospital-grade breast pump?

Hospital-grade pumps are more powerful than personal use pumps. They help many moms produce more breast milk, pump in less time, and have a more comfortable pumping experience.

Who can rent breast pumps from Healthy Horizons?

Corporate or personal rentals are available.

How do I rent a breast pump?

Rent a pump online at

How can I use my insurance to cover my breast pump?

Many health insurance companies work with families to reimburse pump rentals. Healthy Horizons can provide you with a superbill with insurance codes. You can use this to apply for reimbursement from your insurance company. Email your name and order number to to request a superbill.

Can I use my FSA/HSA?

Yes, you can spend your FSA and HSA dollars with Healthy Horizons on products, lactation consultations and breast pump rentals.

Can multiple moms use the same breast pump?

Yes. It's very important to make sure that the breast pump is professionally cleaned and sanitized between users. Healthy Horizons cleans all our products with Cavicide, a COVID-19 killing agent used in hospitals.

I'm renting or purchasing a pump for a mother's room at work. How do I get a breast pump?

Email or call the Healthy Horizons Corporate office at 650-579-2726. Most companies purchase or rent the Medela Symphony or Ameda Platinum. Both options are available to purchase or rent. All pumps are subject to local sales tax.

Moms might rent instead of buy breast pumps for different reasons. If you aren’t sure about breastfeeding but want to try it out, renting a pump may be for you. No matter which rental breast pump you go with, the Ameda or the Medela, you’ll be in good hands. If you have long-term plans to breastfeed or pump, then purchasing a personal pump might be a good idea. If you are looking for a smaller, personal pump to purchase, we recommend the Elvie wearable pump or Spectra breast pumps.

Rent breast pumps from Healthy Horizons at any time:


Ameda Platinum and Medela Symphony Breast Pump Comparison Chart