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Benefits of Wearing Your Baby

by Healthy Horizons on November 09, 2016

One important piece of advice that all soon to be parents and new parents should know is that babywearing has numerous positive impacts on baby. Babywearing combines skin-to-skin contact and easy transportation all in one cozy wrap! This gives baby the best experience! But wait, there's more to just wearing your baby. In fact, it is a tradition and custom in many cultures to wear your baby and for a variety reasons. No matter how you wear your baby (wrap, pouch, carrier, sling with rings), they all share the same advantages. Babywearing promotes bonding, learning, interaction with the environment around them, and happiness. Overall, babywearing is simple and affordable. All you need is three main ingredients: One parent, one baby, and one carrier. The carrier bonds the parent and the baby, creating a strong sense of companionship. Here are more benefits of babywearing for the baby and for the parents!

Benefits for Baby

1. Human contact is an important necessity a baby wants and needs. A baby craves love in the form of intimacy and closeness. The baby becomes in tune with breathing, the sound of your heartbeat, and the movements you make.

2. Carriers help achieve intimacy between the baby and the parent in everyday life, even during errands. From going to the grocery store to cleaning the house to taking a stroll to the park, the baby will experience the parent's world.

3. Which brings me to the next point, babywearing increases the baby's observational skills and interaction with the world around them. The baby feels movement, listens to conversations, picks up on emotions, and sees the world from similar points of view as the parents.


3. Parents recognize the baby's behavior and cues (hunger, happiness, distress, etc.) better when the baby is in the arms of their parents. Also, babies feel more comfortable being in the arms of their parents, which may lead to a less fussy baby and less crying.

4. The motion and the movements the parents make help soothe the baby, eventually the baby will easily fall asleep.

5. Overall, babywearing promotes good baby health; babies that are worn tend to gain weight and sleep better.

Benefit for Parents

1. Babywearing promotes a healthy lifestyle for parents, allowing them to walk and "lift weight" (aka the baby) at the same time.

2. Babywearing is convenient for parents because it helps keep your hands free when you run errands, it makes breastfeeding discreet, and it frees the parents to take care of other walking toddlers.

3. Some carriers have easy accessibility to the mother for breastfeeding and the extra fabric from slings or wraps can be pulled over the baby's head.

4. Babywearing can stimulate lactation hormones. Moms have reported an increase in their milk supply due to the skin-to-skin contact!


Types of Carriers at the Healthy Horizons Breastfeeding Center:

Stop by the store and find the right carrier for you and your baby!


The Ergo Carrier is a pouch carrier that holds the baby across the mother or father's body in the front or back. You can purchase an insert for small infants and take it out when your baby grows. These are great for mom and dad. Perfect for running errands or taking stroll in the park!


The Maya Wrap is a long piece of cloth that can be worn in variety of ways: over one shoulder, around the parent's body, or on the parents hip. This cloth comes with padding and it is size adjustable. It can also easily be used to breastfeed.


The NuRoo Pocket is a skin-to-skin carrier designed to go on like a shirt that supports babies up to 45 pounds. The pocket securely snuggles the baby against your skin, giving you the comfort of being hands free. It can also easily accommodate breastfeeding.


Visit the Breastfeeding Center and try on any of the carriers today!


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