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Ask Sheila: Flying with an Infant

by Healthy Horizons on November 18, 2016
Aimee W. asks, “I have to take a flight with my five month old daughter Marie, who is breastfeeding. How does that work and should I take a bottle?”

Marie is the perfect age to travel with on a plane and breastfeeding will make the trip that much easier. She is portable, not yet mobile or wanting to crawl. Most breastfed babies, like Marie, are easily calmed and quieted during the flight if they have access to the breast for feeds and comfort. Some mothers find that bringing an inflatable pillow, like the My Brest Friend Travel Pillow, makes the journey easier. The pillow can act as a place to help you define your territory and ease the strain on your arms by supporting the baby’s weight during the flight. There is no need to bring bottles onto the plane, just make sure to nurse her if she is awake upon take-off and landing to help open up the Eustachian tubes in her ears and equalize the pressure. If she is sleeping, leave her alone. She will let you know if she needs some suckling to help with her ears. Many mothers do take a pump along to express milk for any absences from baby during their travel.


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