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How Can Workplaces Help Employees Balance Work and Family Life

The key to a successful business is employee satisfaction. There are many ways to make your employees happy, building social relations in the workplace is one them. We’ve all been to the after work social gathering at the bar. The bar scene can be a comfortable environment for some for workers, but it can be the opposite for other employees. It is important to create family friendly workplace events to get a higher employee satisfaction and greater interaction among workers. Investing in family friendly social events is a great way to strengthen your corporate community and include working parents!

Here are the best ways your company can help their employees achieve a balance between their work and family life.

Workstation Breaks

A workstation break is a designated area for employees to take a break and see a company's new product, interact with management, or have a tasty treat like cake pops. These are great for working parents who may not have the time or bandwidth to go to happy hour or after work events. Developing good work relationships creates a comfortable space. Increasing communication at work is really the best way to get to know your colleagues. We all like to take breaks, especially the 2 minute cat YouTube videos. But what if employees took the time to learn something new about their coworkers? Hosting workstation breaks in the office gives workers time to interact between meetings or projects. The ideal workstation gives workers time to relax, snack, see, and talk to other workers.


When it comes to lunch, we often see a large proportion of employees go out to lunch, sit alone in the campus cafeteria while others have prepared their own lunches. A few employees even forget to eat lunch. Lunch becomes a parade of people dispersing from place to place. A Workplace Potluck encourages people to eat lunch together and showcases different food personalities. Having a weekly potluck breaks the weekly routine and allows employees to just bring one special dish to share instead of preparing an entire meal. This can even be a family friendly event, where employees can bring their kids!

Family Friendly Events

Integrating employee's work friends with their family can help build a stronger community at work and at home. Weekend Work Events such as, hosting a Picnic Day is a great way to introduce employee's loved ones, little ones, and hairy ones (pets) to work colleagues. Integrating work friends and family together can help build a stronger community at work and at home.

Community Service

Get your company involved in a community service project. Giving back to your community brings out the best in people. It gives your company a positive reputation, and employees get to work side by side with coworkers and family for a good cause. It’s the ultimate mood booster.

Finding work life balance isn’t easy, but creating employee bonding and inclusive family friendly events at your workplace can sure help make it easier.