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Zomee Lactation Massager
Zomee Lactation Massager
Zomee Lactation Massager
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Zomee Lactation Massager

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Improve Milk Flow & Relieve Engorgement

Using a lactation massager can help relieve pain caused by congestion, clogged ducts, breast redness, tenderness, and other breastfeeding issues. Include the lactation massager in your breastfeeding care plan as a preventive tool.

Start with low heat and vibration settings y placing massager on different positions on the breast. Test for skin sensitivity and comfort level.

- Limit using heat settings to up to 10 minutes at a time

- The Zomee lactation massager's unique ergonomic designs fits all breast shapes and sizes

- Easier than hand massaging, the 2 in 1 heat and massage aids in better milk production

- Recommended to use before, during, and after breastfeeding or pumping

- Powers better milk production and works to prevent breastfeeding challenges like clogged ducts, engorgement, and mastitis. 

Improve breast milk flow:

By providing gentle pressure and vibration to the affected breast, breastfeeding massage helps express breast milk and restore your flow. Milking tools will help to empty the breasts more easily, while also helping to solve the problems of reduced supply, undersupply, and oversupply.

Safe, waterproof, and rechargeable:

The breastfeeding massager is designed with soft medical-grade silicone, bisphenol A-free and waterproof, which is very suitable for use in warm showers. Even better, it can be charged without battery.