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Evivo 1 month refill
Evivo starter kit
Evivo Baby Probiotics
Evivo Baby Probiotics
Evivo Baby Probiotics
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    Evivo Baby Probiotics

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    Evivo Baby Probiotics

    • 1-Month Refill (4-weeks) Supply: Includes 28 sachets

    • Starter Kit includes a full 1-Month (4 weeks) of Evivo. Benefit baby for a lifetime. What’s a stack of onesies and baby blankets compared to good health for a lifetime? Yeah, you know who’s gonna take the cake for the best baby gift ever. The Evivo 1-Month Starter Kit comes with a 4-week supply of Evivo and includes 28 sachets, a mixing bowl, a feeding syringe, and instructions.

    • Ingredients

      Evivo contains Lactose and activated B. infantis EVC001| 8 Billion CFU

      Lactose is the only sugar naturally found in breast milk AND the only sugar babies should be consuming.


      • No artificial colors or dyes

      • No artificial flavors

      • No artificial preservatives

      • No additives

      • Gluten-Free

      May contain trace amounts of soy and/or milk protein.

      * Includes USPS Priority for Local, Not included - Next Day UPS Shipping for Out of State which is recommended, which is an additional 30.00) - product is frozen when leaving our facility and ships with an ice pack and insulation. Manufacture states product is still viable for a day or so without refrigeration. We ship Mon - Thursday. If you have any questions please make a note on order or email us at Breastfeeding or call us at 650-347-6455.
      **Once product leaves our facility we are not responsible for any carrier shipping delays. 
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